• List of Bed / Room Rent
Sr. No.
Room Category
Room Rent
1BD-01Daycare (<8 Hours)1800
2BD-02Economy (Non-AC)3250
3BD-03Economy (AC)3850
4BD-04MU / Economy (AC)3850
5BD-05Three Sharing /Semi Pvt (AC)4250
6BD-06Single Private (AC)5250
7BD-07Single Deluxe (AC)7050
8BD-08Single Super Deluxe (AC)8800
9BD-09NICU (with monitoring)  L14000
10BD-10NICU + Oxygen + Monitoring L25000
11BD-11NICU+ Oxygen+ Monitoring+ BIPAP L37500
12BD-12NICU+ Oxygen+ Monitoring+ Ventilator L410500
13BD-13ICU (with monitoring)  L16000
14BD-14ICU + Oxygen + Monitoring L27500
15BD-15ICU+ Oxygen+ Monitoring+ BIPAP L311850
16BD-16ICU+ Oxygen+ Monitoring+ Ventilator L415050


  • Below 8 hours of Stay will be billed as Half Day Stay.
  • Room / ICU Tariff include standard fittings in the Room according to the Type of occupancy/Nursing Care / Resident and Junior Doctors visit / Housekeeping Services.
  • If the patient’s Attendants retain the Room (single / general) subject to availability and approval from Duty Manager, while the patient is in ICU Additional charges for the Room and Food and Beverages (if any) are to be paid. Valid for Package patients also.
  • Additional Food and Beverage, if supplied in Room, shall be charged on actual from Canteen.
  • Bed Transfer: In the event of Bed Transfer during course of treatment, the higher category of bed charges will be applicable on the day of transfer.
  • In case the Patient is transferred from Lower to Higher category of Room following the Surgery/ Procedure, the surgical procedure charge would be revised according to higher bed category. Consultant room visit charges will be levied as per bed category being billed.
  • In case the Patient is transferred from Higher to lower category of room following surgery / procedure, the surgery / procedure would be charged as per Higher Bed category. Consultant visit charges will be levied as per Bed category being billed.
  • If the patient is transferred to Intensive Care Unit during course of IP stay, then the surgery/ procedure charges will be applicable as per Single bed category. However, ICU charges will be levied during actual duration of stay in the ICU.
  • In case, due to non-availability of room if patient is shifted to higher category in that case also charges will be applicable as per higher category.
  • If more than one procedure are carried out and the patient decides to opt for the lower category of room before the procedure and accordingly lower category rates should be charged.Check out time 12:00 Noon with 2 Hrs Delay Time.
  • Room excluding Non – Medical charges like Diet, MLC, PI, IPD, MRD etc. shall be charged extra ( Over ad Above ) Bed Charges