With the emphasis today on healthy eating – in schools, at home and even in the workplace – more people are seeing nutritionists, and companies are choosing dietetic specialists to educate the public on healthy eating. Dietetics is a field of science that determines how nutrition and good eating affect our overall health. While this field offers a strong focus on public health, its main purpose is to educate everyone on the importance of making proper and smart dietary choices.

What Does a Dietician Do?

The professional who chooses to work in the dietetic field is often called a dietician or nutritionist. They’re nationally certified professionals who provide general nutrition education. A dietician may work in an office setting, in a public health department, or may work independently in schools or with a specific population.

In a school setting, the dietician might travel to a school and provide students with information and training on healthy eating. When they work in an office setting, they see clients who come to them for assistance in meeting their dietary needs or for help with dieting. They also may focus their education on certain health and dietary issues like diabetes, unhealthy weight or hypertension and work specifically with those groups in community or healthcare settings. Dieticians and nutritionists are an important part of our food service management and health care teams.